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Drilling Down
Leveling Up


Attaining consistency, protability, and scalability in your construction or trade business


Our Story

Small Business Growth Partners was specifically designed for the sole purpose of helping builders, trade companies, and HBA vertical trade industries strategically and systematically create a unique, consistent, and highly profitable small business and a personal life void of stress, worry, and pain.





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My Books

Meet The Team


Chris Penasa

Chris has worked with hundreds of business owners to help them improve their businesses, increase profitability, and most importantly, find more joy in their lives.


Terry Elton

For more than 20 years, Terry’s passion has been to help fellow business owners and executives grow their businesses and achieve their personal goals.


Carolyn Turner

Carolyn Turner has been helping business leaders start and grow their organizations into profitable, well-managed businesses since 2007.

In the press
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“Chris Penasa and Small Business Growth Partners has helped hundreds of our members make their businesses stronger utilizing the principles outlined in this book. Too often owners don’t take the full and necessary dive in assessing their companies. Whether you’re looking to improve operations and profitability or simply looking to bring more sanity to your life in today’s crazy home building and remodeling marketplace, Drilling Down and Leveling Up is a must-read for those in our industry. It will make you think differently about your company’s future and help you uncover a better road map to achieve your goals as a business owner.”


CEO Home Builders Association of Michigan

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